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Date: 2020-12-24

The hotel is equipped with luxurious and elegant Chinese and Western restaurants, which not only allow you to taste the authentic local specialties of Guangzhou, but also provide a wide range of north and south flavours and international dishes. With the 24-hour room service, it is considerate and thoughtful, which will greatly satisfy your needs. Picky taste buds.

Guangzhou’s highest-altitude revolving restaurant, Genting Pavilion, is surrounded by panoramic views of Guangzhou, as well as a full range of international buffets, allowing the romance of your tongue to spread across Genting. Its infinite Cantonese cuisine and a wide variety of delicacies are sure to make you enjoy yourself. Authentic and high-end Indian cuisine, Sichuan cuisine with full color and fragrance, romantic European wine and famous dishes, traditional and elegant tea ceremony, etc. are all available, gourmets can fully discover the super perfect dining experience here.